Who We Are

The Adamson House Foundation provides financial support for programs that provide for the inspiration and education of our visitors through interpretive activities and to assist in the preservation of the historic Adamson House. The foundation was chartered to protect the park's extraordinary biological diversity and its most valued natural and cultural resources. We maintain ongoing and updated information of said cultural and natural history pertaining to all aspects of the Museum and House. We accomplish this through memberships, grant seeking, donations from our generous supporters, and a wide range of fundraising events.

Why You Should Care

The Adamson House is an irreplaceable treasure that is associated with the early history of Malibu. It is a community resource that is deteriorating significantly. We need your support to stop the deterioration and initiate repairs! This home is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is recognized for the decorative arts that are featured throughout the home. The unique Malibu Potteries Tile is one of the most important architectural features. This tile was produced by the Rindge Family and is sought after by collectors all over the world. The Adamson House is a showplace for this tile.

What You Can Do

We need community support! Your tax deductable donation will help us to preserve this important historic site. Visitors to the Adamson House contribute significantly to the economy of Malibu. Let's preserve the Adamson House and maintain a visitor destination that brings thousands of people to Malibu annually.

In the News

The beauty and splendor of Adamson House has been featured in various specialty books, magazines, and newspapers and has been highlighted on many television shows. You can view some of the featured articles and television episodes here:

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